One-on-One Website Coaching

I am now offering everything I know from my 15+ years online marketing and web development experience to anyone in an easy to access online format!

Over recent years, we have chosen to do fewer projects we undertake and to clearly and specifically choose who we work with. This has meant I get to work with fewer people in one of the key areas I love - website strategy and planning.

I wanted to fix that. Now I have, you can access me from wherever I am in the world and wherever you are, at mutually convenient times to review any area of your websites that is important to you.

These are not fluffy feel-good sessions.

I warn you; they are intense, very very fast (don't worry I record them) and you should only choose to do one if you SERIOUSLY want to find out how to improve your website and start getting better results.

One on One Coaching



NB > These sessions are a one on one session. At this time, I am not catering for multi-person sessions but I am recording the sessions for you. So you can share it with your team.
Why? I want your focus, undivided for 50 minutes. No distractions, no debates with team members about a topic and wasting your valuable 50-minute session.

How the sessions work:

  • 50 minutes
  • Online using skype
  • we share screens so either can show the other what is being discussed
  • You can discuss whatever you want during your session
  • Web Strategy
  • Building your web / app plan
  • Web Development
  • Online & Web marketing
  • Site optimisation / improvement, conversion optimisation
  • What Jenny Wants!
  • $275 AUD

NOTICE ABOUT CANCELLING ONE-ON-ONE SESSION: AS these time slots are limited and booked mostly in advance, I am unable in many cases to fill them and the impact to my calendar and planning can be significant.

Thus we do not offer refunds for cancellations of One-on-One Sessions and if you need to cancel and book again you will have to pay for that second time slot.

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